Starting to Become

Capo 4th fret, C root chord shape

[E]   I’ve only [B]got what [A]I’ve been [E]given
And it isn’t [B]like [A]   it’s mine to [E]keep

I’ve tried to [B]give every[A]thing I [E]can
And hope I [B]get [A]   everything I [E]need

[E]        [C#m]        [A]        [E]        [B]

I felt the truth reaching out to me
Like I’d been reaching from inside

That little gap still so painfully wide
But somehow I was both sides

It’s like [A]starting to [E]become the [B]light [A]   at the end of the [E]tunnel
Like the [A]spaciousness in[E]side the [B]church of ancient [C#m]        [B]trees[E]  
Like [A]opening my [E]eyes in the [B]crystal clear [E]water
[A]   Like a [E]flower that’s [B]finally [C#m]        [B]        [E]opening

[E]        [C#m]        [A]        [E]        [B]

I've been on a mighty long road
Through a long lonely night

I've asked the stars if they could show me
The way back to the light

[E]        [C#m]        [A]        [E]        [B]

I saw the sun coming over the mountain
Just like love at first sight

I saw the moon on the still water
And it seemed like things would be alright


[E]        [C#m]        [A]        [E]        [B]        [E]        [C#m]        [A]        [E]        [B]