Great Round Beauty (Oct 2021)

She’s a great round beauty, mama she is,
She’s a great round beauty, mama she is,
Yes she is, yes she is, yes she is
Yeeeah, Yeeeah

Alive (Aug 2021)

In the early, early morning when the sun is in my eyes
When I sand up and rise..
When I walk upon your shore, need nothing more than be alive
With a thank-you in my heart and a twinkle in my eyes.
I salute your awesome sky, and I watch the warm sun rise

Starting to Become (Jun 2021)

I’ve only got what I’ve been given
And it isn’t like it’s mine to keep.
I’ve tried to give everything I can
And hope I get everything I need.
I felt the truth reaching out to me
Like I’d been reaching from inside.
That little gap still so painfully wide

Think! (May 2021)

If you could read all of my thoughts
I think you'd would find you'd much rather not
You wouldn't believe all that I've got
Considering everything I've already forgot.
I've got ways to save the world
Mixed with things to say to girls
I've got the wrong words to stupid songs
Stuck in loops that go on and on

Than Me (Mar 2021)

A lot of folks are better than I am
Are kinder and have bigger hearts
I am a work in progress, man
And I’ve met some bright humans.
But there’s nobody I would rather be
Than me, than me
No one I’d rather be
Than me, than me
… but a better me

May I Be (Dec 2020 — App Exclusive)

May I live this life in harmony with all sisters and brothers
All the plants, the animals, the winds, sky and waters
The rocks and soil
The earth, the stars and the sun
In harmony with all creation
And with the Source from which we all come ..
May I be, In balance, giving and receiving

Glorious Earth (Dec 2020 — App Exclusive)

There's still fish in the seas and birds in the sky, the oceans are deep and the mountains are high,
Rains come down from the sky, and the seasons still change as the sun goes by,
Life returns after things die, babies are born and they learn how to fly,
The earth is alive, so alive

Walk in the Light (Nov 2020 — App Exclusive)

May I walk in the light
Of Destiny's stride

Tatla Lake to Trail (Aug 2020)

From poplar and pine to mountain valley trails that
wind among the rocks
The open western sky, peaks that pile high above the
creeks that run across

It's a Good Thing (May 2020)

G D Em C G D C G.
It's a good thing, it's a good thing
To have friends
Who make your heart sing
It's a good thing, it's a good thing
To have friends
Who make your hea-rt sing

Singing Spring (Apr 2020)

The softness of the earth, and the sweetness in the air
All the plants in the garden, all the flowers everywhere, are singing.
Springtime is here, Alleluia,
Wake up spring is here

Clean Freak (Mar 2020)

I like dirt underneath my feet
The stuff’s everywhere, you just can’t see it .
So I wash my food before I eat, and I wash my face before I sleep
I never lie and I never cheat, and I never sit on a toilet seat.
Because I’m a clean freak, squeaky clean
I’m the cleanest geek you've ever seen

What a Man Can Be (Feb 2020)

I am free, I can be what I can
I can love what I see
And I can learn to understand
There are many things a man can be

Previous Projects

Before becoming the Sunship Awakeneers (in early 2020) we were known as the Solaris Music Project and the Merry McKentys. Here are some recordings released under those band names.

Bells of Kindness (2016)

Bells of KindnessCovering a range of genres from meditative folk-ballads to hip-hop, Bells of Kindness is the first full length Solaris studio album. With a solid and unique folk-rock sound, the album puts powerful vocal harmonies behind lyrics that are insightful, healing, courageous, and quite often funny.

Solaris (2015)

Solaris 18 Solaris Project recordings from the studio and stage.

Out of the Woods (2013)

Out of the Woods
Sweet and lively traditional tunes played on piano, mandolin, guitar and three fiddles.