Singing Spring

Folk recording released 2020 by Awakeneers.

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Singing Spring
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Lyrics for Singing Spring

The softness of the earth, and the sweetness in the air
All the plants in the garden, all the flowers everywhere, are singing

Springtime is here, Alleluia,
Wake up spring is here

The lightness in the sky and the gentle, gentle rain
The warmth of the sunshine, when the sun shines again
The beauty of the world in all the little things
Like the singing of the robins, in the misty mornings, singing


The life in the seeds, sprouting all around
All the plants that are waking underneath the ground
The gladness in the buds, bursting from the trees
The freshness in the forest, of all the tiny brand new leaves, singing


The rushing of the creek and the coming of the geese
The humming of the humming birds and the slow and sleepy bees
All the joyful signs that winter's finally past
Like the green of the meadow, all the glowing growing grass is singing


The brightness of the world in the early morning light
The long and golden evenings and warmer shorter nights
The singing of the frogs, and everything that sings
The hopeful, happy feelings of so many living things singing

Springtime is here Alleluia,
Wake up
Wake up spring is here

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